Monday, June 27, 2011

HBO verses the Booksnobs

I hate Booksnobs.

Booksnobs are those unsavory elitists who feel that every scrap of entertainment pales in comparison with the written word. They are often seen sitting on crowded buses reading Tolstoy. Holding the book in such a way that everyone can see they are reading Tolstoy. They have extensive collections of unread novels meant to impress guests. They circulate wine and cheese parties loudly declaiming: "The book was much better than the movie!" When cornered they may even try to convince you that The Lord of The Rings films were inferior to the Tolkien novels.

The worst part is, they are often right. About the movie adaptations, anyway. Tolkien was flowery and obtuse. Get over it.

This is all about to change. Specialty networks like HBO and Showcase are ushering in a golden age of book-to-movie adaptations. The 10-episode cycle gives writers and directors lots of time for story arc and the absence of Big Studio Funding allows for plenty of creative freedom. The recent Game of Thrones series was the most entertaining thing shown on a screen all year. Now with Stephen King's The Dark Tower in the works and casting rumors for Neil Gaiman's American Gods the future of books-as-movies looks bright for a change.

Eat that Booksnobs. And you're never going to finish Tolstoy. No one ever has.

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