Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Truck

I hope I can change my "Currently Reading" widget to this soon:

My little local bookstore is expecting The Truck today. The Truck comes every Tuesday and delivers presents to all the good little book lovers who eat all their vegetables and finish reading all their tedious literary novels (I could be in trouble here, see post below).

Maybe The Truck will overlook my past transgressions and bring me what I want. The telephone will be ringing any minute with news that I have been found worthy. The Truck will have a little box full of goodies for me tucked in behind the giant skid of Justin Bieber autobiographies. OH! It's the phone...Hang on........

Damn Telemarketers! If I was willing and able to take a Caribbean cruise, I'D CALL YOU!  



  1. Thanks for visiting mine (www.acommonreader.org) Glad to hear you're raising Keira as a book love. My daughter is setting a bad example by only reading digital devices herself, although she does manage to read "real" books to her children. I fear the days of hardbacks are numbered - I check through the Guardian review pages every week and find that most of the recommendations are available on Kindle etc. Instant gratifications!

  2. I'm not completely against new technology. My main concern is the dispose-ability of digital media. If you don't finish a "real" book, it sits on the shelf mocking you until you give it away. Now you can just click "delete" and it disappears into the internet ether.