Sunday, March 6, 2011

Need a Laugh?

Spring is taking an awful long time getting here. Scraping the windshield of the car sucks all the joy out of life and if I have to shovel the driveway again I'm going to opt to walk wherever I'm going instead. We could all use a good laugh. Here is my suggestion:

It looks like a bible. It feels like a bible. It is most definitely not a bible. It is the story of Jesus Christ's "forgotten years". In the Old Testament version we witness his birth, then we don't see him again until he is fully grown. What happened in those formative teenage years? Did he have buddies? Drink too much wine and go donkey tipping? Lamb by Christopher Moore sets out to answer those questions. It is told from the perspective of Biff, his best friend, and it is absolutely hilarious and at times, quite touching without ever feeling like complete blasphemy. If your sense of humor tips towards the Monty Python direction it is the perfect cure for the winter blues.

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