Monday, February 7, 2011

A Fantasy Author For People Who Don`t Like Fantasy

Winter really gets me down. Especially mid-February. Whenever I can rally enough willpower to haul myself off the couch and go look out the window all I see is slight variations on the whole grey and white theme. Piles of dirty snow lurk malevolently on every corner. Kids play in it half-hearted, understanding in their own kid way that this is not the same, fun, let's-make-a-snowman snow that came down before Christmas. This is the kind of snow that causes car accidents and kills the unfit who attempt to shovel it.

There is hope though, courtesy of the man pictured above. Patrick Rothfuss just announced that the second novel in his Kingkiller Chronicle, The Wise Man's Fear, will hit the shelves on March 1st. This is the perfect antidote to my little bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you haven't already read his first book; The Name of the Wind, it's probably because you pass right by the Fantasy section on the way to more literary and highbrow stuff. Well, let me tell you something sunshine, this book was recommended to me by my father who can't even look at the cover of a fantasy novel without retching. Rothfuss turns the genre on it's head by forsaking the commandments laid down by Tolkien  (Thou shalt have elves. Thou shalt have wizards. Etc...) for a more gritty, character driven story about a guy named Kvothe and how he became the most feared assassin in the world. You would also do well to check out Pat's blog which I have handily added the link to (just click on his picture). He's a pretty interesting guy, and a very gifted writer.

Maybe you have your own way of beating the winter blues. Maybe you are one of those mentally unstable people who claims to enjoy the snow. Maybe you are one of the lucky bastards who lives in a temperate climate. Whatever the case, go read these books.

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