Monday, January 17, 2011

Raising a Reader

Now that my wife is back to work and we are socked in with snow, my daughter and I are hanging out with lots of free time on our hands. I figure this is a great opportunity to teach her the joys of reading. So far she is laughing at Dr. Seuss and drooling on Hemingway. She seems to prefer fiction and has a penchant for peek-a-boo narratives. Any plot that involves stuffed bunny rabbits hiding behind flaps or textured glitter pictures are a hit.

As I make my way through Three Cups of Tea, I am constantly reminded how fortunate we are that every person in this country has the right to a quality education (whether or not that quality is actually provided is another matter). I just hope that my daughter continues to share my love of reading and learning as she gets older and becomes a rebellious teen. Literacy is the most important gift I can give her.

Now, on to chewing Salman Rushdie!

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